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Wednesday, 23rd April 2014

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     Welcome To Niagara Falls Army Cadets Corp 2835 Official Web Site 


The Royal Canadian Army Cadets (RCAC) is a youth organization open to both males and females between the ages of 12 to 18, free of charge. No initiation fees, no weekly dues, no charge for weekend camp outs or activities, totally free. Supported by the Army Cadet League of Canada, the Department of National Defense, Parents Sponsoring Committee, British Canadian Veterans Association and Royal Canadian Legion Branch 479. Uniforms provided free of charge after completion of 6 weeks recruit training.

Based out of The Niagara Falls Amoury, 5049 Victoria Ave, the C.C. 2835  meets every Wednesday night 6 PM to 9 PM  September to May.

Army Cadet training is divided into four star levels. Upon completion of the four levels, Army Cadets take part in the National Star Certification Exam (NSCE) which tests their practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as their ability to be good instructors.

Local Training:

  Green Star   - 1st year training. The basics are taught and the youth learns what it's like to bdet: bushcraft, citizenship, drill, fundamental training, leadership, marksmanship, public speaking and map & compass.

  Red Star     - The cadet adds to their basic knowledge by advancing on the courses taught during the first year . The cadet also learn first-aid.

  Silver Star    - The cadet has mastered the basics and takes on more responsibility. They start to concentrate on leadership skills and learns how to teach cadets everything they have learned.

  Gold Star      - This is the last star level. The cadet perfects their instructional abilities and moves into a leadership role at the cadet corps.


"I resolve, as a member of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets that I shall aspire to become a citizen of the highest integrity in my community. I shall strive for success in my studies, to be considerate of all persons and their property, and to achieve the highest physical, mental, spiritual and moral standards as a Citizen of Canada."


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